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This is different from Ritakea!

The training team will continue to support you.








特定技能外国人を雇用する事業者様が支援する10のサポートを、私たち(登録支援機関 リタケア運営パートナー株)Incollexが代行します。


❶ Advance guidance

Before applying for status of residence, employment contract, activity details,

Guidance on how to enter Japan and life in Japan.




❷. Pick-up and drop-off when entering and leaving Japan

Upon arrival, we will go to the airport and pick you up at your office or residence. When returning to Japan, we will accompany you to the security checkpoint and watch you until you actually enter.


❸. Contracts necessary for securing housing and living

We will provide information on real estate agents and rental properties when you enter Japan or when you need to move in Japan, and will accompany you to find a place to live if necessary. Regarding the opening of a bank account, mobile phone contracts, and other lifeline contracts necessary for daily life such as electricity, gas, and water, we will guide you to the necessary documents and contact points, and will accompany you as necessary to support you.



❹. Implementation of life orientation

In general life in Japan, we will provide information by conducting a "life orientation" for at least 8 hours after entering Japan.



❺. Accompanying public procedures, etc.

If necessary, we will accompany you to the window of the relevant administrative agency to support the preparation of documents regarding the notification of public procedures necessary for daily life .




❻. Providing opportunities for learning Japanese

We will provide information on Japanese language education, such as information on local Japanese language classes and Japanese language education institutions, and assist in procedures and use as necessary.






❼. Counseling or responding to complaints

When we receive consultations or complaints about work or daily life, we will respond without delay and give appropriate advice and guidance according to the content of the consultation.

It is necessary to make it possible to respond to 3 or more working days in a week and 1 or more days of holidays, and to establish a system so that it can be handled by e-mail even at night.



❽. Promote exchanges with Japanese people

We will provide information on exchange promotion projects held by local governments and volunteer groups and events held in the area, and will accompany them as necessary to assist in participation procedures.


❾. Job change support

When canceling an employment contract for a foreigner with a specific skill due to the circumstances of the host company, support for changing jobs to another company must be provided.

* We will never encourage you to change jobs.



❿. Regular interviews / reports to government agencies

It is required to hold face-to-face interviews with the foreigners with specific skills and those who supervise them on a regular basis (at least once every three months). It is necessary for the interview to use a language that can be fully understood by foreigners with specific skills.

👉 To be able to understand accurately

We will do it in Indonesian.

​ Unique to Ritakea!

Saya akan mengajari
Anda tentang Jepang.


* Online chat with Japanese people

* Introduction of Indonesian and Japanese food culture


👉 Take advantage of interview opportunities to detect worries and troubles at an early stage and provide mental care unique to overseas life!

We will provide feedback to the business establishments as appropriate.

​ Unique to Ritakea!

👉 Supporting housing search with affiliated real estate companies!

​ We also assist in various procedures such as lifelines.

​ Unique to Ritakea!

👉 We also use SNS to respond 24 hours a day.

You can also consult in Indonesian .


👉 We will accompany you on the national health insurance and national pension that the foreigner must complete and assist in the procedure.

​ Unique to Ritakea!

👉 Get used to Japanese social life quickly,

Business etiquette instructors will guide you to avoid troubles with local residents .

​ Unique to Ritakea!

リタケア 人材育成 人材紹介 登録支援機関 インドネシア介護 特定技能 外国人人材紹介

​ Unique to Ritakea!

👉 Instructors who have been in Indonesia since they were in Indonesia will continue to follow up on education using their own evaluation system .

👉 We will carry out our own exchange program by utilizing the online group community and so on.

* Japanese language training for long-term care (90 minutes once a week x 4 times)

* Night shift staff training (90 minutes once a week x 4 times)

* Leader training for foreigners (90 minutes once a week x 4 times)

* Japanese Language Proficiency Test Preparation Training

​ Unique to Ritakea!

​ Unique to Ritakea!

リタケア 人材育成 人材紹介 登録支援機関 インドネシア介護 特定技能 外国人人材紹介
人材紹介 日本語教育 インドネシア介護人材 登録支援機関 リタケア
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