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This is different from Ritakea!


A Japanese teacher who knows long-term care teaches!

リタの精神 人材紹介 リタケア インドネシア介護人材
インドネシア 介護

First of all, long-term care providers should be worried about how much Japanese they can speak about foreign human resources, whether they can understand the important points, and if they cannot read reports and records, they will be a little troubled.

Rita Care Professional Japanese teachers are also certified care workers and beginner training graduates. That is why we can provide specialized Japanese language education such as words used for long-term care.

You can learn basic nursing care terms and voices, and develop communication skills with staff and customers.


We will only introduce human resources who have been carefully raised in Indonesia and have passed the following exams, so it will be ready for action.

Furthermore, even after passing this exam, I continue to train in various learning programs every day to improve my level.

・ Successful applicants for the specified skill nursing skill evaluation test!
(Contents at the same level as beginner training)

・ Successful applicants for the Japanese Language Evaluation Test for Naughty Care!

・ Japanese proficiency JLPTN4 passers!
(Currently studying for N3, preparing for the exam)

リタの精神 人材紹介 日本語教育 リタケア インドネシア介護人材

​ * For more information on educational programs, please visit the website below !

  [Foreign Care Human Resources Development Program]
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