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Future long-term care aimed at in the spirit of Rita.

For the long-term care industry, which is in trouble due to a serious labor shortage

Sending out the human resources that we have cultivated by hand

Keep it active for as long as possible.

This is our mission.

Although immature, I jumped into a new business with the idea of helping the nursing care field with the "spirit of Rita".

We will continue to work together with people who support this activity.




リタケア運営会社CORES、外国人教育・登録支援機関 InColleX、
行政書士法人 Aerasの3社パートナーシップにより


Rita Care Business Operation Overview
Ritakea management company CORES, foreign education and registration support organization InColleX,
It is operated by a partnership of three administrative scrivener corporations, Aeras.



Cores Rita Care Division
Paid Employment Agency License Number 13-Yu-313989
Worker dispatch business permit number group 13-315909





Incarex Co., Ltd.

Registration support organization business permit number 21 registration-0066335

高齢者住宅新聞 人材紹介 リタケア インドネシア介護人材



(2022年 2/23号)

ケアテックス 人材紹介 リタケア インドネシア介護人材

CareT In "CareTex Tokyo'22", where you can see the current state of the long-term care industry,

Ritakea exhibited!

March 9th (Wednesday) to 11th (Friday), 2022
Venue: Tokyo Big Sight

Nursing care facility solution exhibition corner (No. 6-5)

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