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ありがとうございます。 続々内定いただいております!2024.5.1更新 ▶▶▶▶ 





大阪/京都:介護施設(デイケア)3名、 大阪/京都介護施設(グループホーム)3名、




茨城:介護施設(特養)1名、神奈川:介護施設(特養)1名、 長野:介護施設(特養)4名、 



神奈川:介護施設(特養)1名、 東京:病院3名、長野:介護施設(特養)4名、



ritacare News

2024. 04. 01    特別企画インドネシア現地面接 ご優待キャンペーンの申込受付は3月末で終了いたしました。ありがとうございました。

2023. 12. 15    高齢者住宅新聞 介護経営サミットにリタケアが登壇しました。「リタケアなら外国人雇用で業務改善がはかれます」

2023. 11. 15    茨城の施設様で働く愛され介護スタッフの入国後の様子が届きました

2023. 10. 10    横浜の介護施設様とオンラインレクプログラムを開催しました。

2023. 09. 17    千葉県鎌ケ谷市のオレンジカフェでオンラインレクプログラムを開催しました。

pickup! リタケア1期生活躍の様子が施設様から届きました!



手をつないで リタケア インドネシア介護人材

What is the difference between specific skills and technical intern training?

The "Specific Skills" work visa is a system that was newly established by the revision of the Immigration Control and Refuge in April 2019 and is still in its infancy. (Period of stay 5 years)

The technical intern training system aims to train people to bring their skills back to their home countries, but " specific skills" accept foreign human resources who have already acquired certain vocational skills, and there is a shortage of people in Japan's growing industry. The purpose is to eliminate it. That's why even foreign human resources are ready to work!

Why are you Indonesian?

The Indonesian temperament is bright and respectful, and there are many hard-working people who resemble the Japanese mentality, so you can immediately reach out to those in need. Many people think that they should take care of their families and relatives by themselves, so there are many young people who do not have any concerns about long-term care and want to work in Japan even though they understand that it is a difficult job.

We will collaborate with Indonesian educational institutions to introduce human resources by training specializing in long-term care.


The strengths of Ritakea are "Japanese " and " nursing care".


日本語教育 リタケア インドネシア介護人材 特定技能 登録支援機関

Japanese instructors who have experience working in long-term care facilities and who have passed the training for beginners teach.

リタケア インドネシア 介護人材 特定技能

​ Please take a look at their lesson scene, where they work hard every day to work in Japan.

日本語教育 人材紹介 リタケア インドネシア介護人材 特定技能 登録支援機関

Since the training instructor will take care of you even after you work, you can follow up in detail.

日本語教育 人材紹介 リタケア インドネシア介護人材 特定技能 登録支援機関

Consistent support from job vacancies to interviews, immigration, and employment!


"How far can you do the basics of long-term care?"

Ritakea teaches nursing knowledge and skills in Indonesian. Guidance is also based on "long-term care unique to Japan," which will become a force immediately after arriving in Japan. We only introduce people who have passed the "Specific Skills Nursing Care Skills Evaluation Test" based on live Japanese and skills that enable communication.

"Even if I hire him, I will quit soon!"

We regularly call out to prevent foreign workers who have worked from feeling lonely or having troubles. You can build a lasting relationship of trust with the care and support of the same staff from the training. We also support the improvement of human resources skills through online training. "I want to work for a long time" and "I want you to work for a long time" are all to realize the wishes of both parties.

"I have no experience in hiring foreigners!"


Incarex Co., Ltd., which co-operates Ritakea, is a specified skill registration support organization licensed by the Immigration Bureau of Japan. Entrusted by a long-term care provider, we take care of troublesome procedures and work on your behalf. We can carry out a wide range of support from planning to implementation so that foreign staff can play an active role in a stable and smooth manner during the period of stay.

Ritakea, the origin of the word.

Rita is "altruism".

Be willing to act for others.
We are worried about the environment surrounding long-term care and
begin to move.
For long-term care providers.
For foreigners who want to work in Japan.
And broadly for social and international cooperation.
I put that thought into "Rita".

リタの精神 人材紹介 リタケア インドネシア介護人材
リタの精神 人材紹介 リタケア インドネシア介護人材
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